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Nonprofit for the adoption of Sacramento City Animal Shelter dogs
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Become a Sacramento Dog Shelter Volunteer

The Volunteer Program is up and running again, and people interested in volunteering their time at the shelter working with the dogs may call the volunteer program number at (916) 808-8166 for recorded information on the program, and to leave a message indicating interest.

If you are not able to make contact through the phone, you may e-mail  Volunteers are precious, and we don't want to miss connecting with you.  Thank you for your interest in bettering the lives of our shelter dogs!

Wish List.  Please click here to see the Wish List of items we always need donated to the shelter. We welcome your efforts to collect these items from your friends and neighbors and donate them to our shelter.

We also have a number of Community Service Projects available to groups and individuals who would like to help the animals from home.  See the following link for more information:

For more information, please calling 916.808.7387.

Shelter Dogs - Adopt Me, please.  Call 916.264.7387
Shelter Location

2127 Front Street
Sacramento, CA 95818

Shelter Hours
Tuesday through Friday: 12noon to 5:30pm.
Saturday: 11am to 5pm.
Sunday and Monday: Closed
Contact Information

Call Sacramento City Dog Shelter 916.808.7387 or 808.5830

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