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Nonprofit for the adoption of Sacramento City Animal Shelter dogs
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How to Adopt a Shelter Dog

If you are interested in adopting a shelter dog, please visit the shelter in person. There is nothing like 15 to 30 minutes spent with one of the dogs to help you get to know that dog, and you can ask volunteer and staff people about the dog.

If you are from out of the area, call the shelter at (916) 808-7387 and give the staff person the animal number from the website along with the description/breed of the dog. The staff person can look up the number and let you know if the dog is still in the shelter, before you make the drive to visit. Sometimes it is difficult to get through on the shelter's lines, and staff availability to answer questions is very limited, so a visit is more productive.

The dogs are spayed and neutered before being released to their new home; this usually entails picking up the dog at the vet the day after he or she is adopted.  A vet check, a rabies vaccination and heartworm preventative medicine are essential, especially in the Sacramento region.

In order to adopt a dog you must:

Be 18 and have valid, verifiable identification. 
Pay the adoption fee for all dogs of
$85.  This includes vaccinations, one-year license, alteration, collar & leash, microchip, and a free check-up voucher for the new pet.
Agree to the terms and conditions of the City's adoption agreement.
All animals must be spayed or neutered before they go home with an adopter.  The surgery is performed the next available business day at the shelter or at a contracted vet. The adopter picks up his/her altered animal in the afternoon before the shelter or the vet hospital closes.

Dogs at the shelter are available for adoption four business days after they come in to the shelter. If they are brought in by their owner, they have less time to find a new home - only two days. Many are euthanized the day after they become available for adoption. If you are interested in any of these wonderful dogs, please remember their stay here is very short.


NOTE:  Since we do not conduct formal temperament screening, we do not warrant the temperament of any of the animals listed on this site. However, all animals are held out by the Sacramento City Dog Shelter as available for adoption to the public.

Shelter Dogs - Adopt Me, please.  Call 916.264.7387
Shelter Location

2127 Front Street
Sacramento, CA 95818

Shelter Hours
Tuesday through Friday: 12noon to 5:30pm.
Saturday: 11am to 5pm.
Sunday and Monday: Closed
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